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Gross Maximum Price (GMP) Services


Weifield Group Contracting has a proactive approach when it comes to establishing a price for a GMP project.  We analyze the client’s expectations and goals for their project, then outline and anticipate every detail submitted with the price. We understand how important it is not to have our contract price exceeded.  

Weifield insists on excellence in each phase of our design process.  We understand the importance of coordination between every member of the project team.  Realizing the need for collaboration between designers, constructors, and project owners, we quickly integrate ourselves into the design process. We involve everyone in our efforts, including subcontractors and suppliers, which allows us to create a more accurate GMP. 


The design process is complex, and we recognize negotiation and communication are key factors in the success of the project.  Weifield willingly engages in negotiations with the design team to ensure a quality product and accurate GMP.  We are capable of looking at design development documents, recognizing the designers’ intent, and filling in the gaps.  We are proficient in designing according to the National Electric Code.

Our design team analyzes every aspect of the project in order to identify alternatives for value engineering.  We encourage all project team members to participate in determining different value options. We strive to present the most cost effective solution possible, while maintaining the integrity of the design.