• Business partners across multiple organizations including Colorado Succeeds, AGC, IECRM, RMMCA, ABC Rocky Mountain, Colorado State University Global, Star Harbor, MSU Denver, the Colorado Community College System, Colorado Business Roundtable – and industry partners PCL Construction, Saunders, RK, and Weifield – have collaborated to develop a grant proposal for a new construction associate’s degree and enhanced career pathway to meet the ever-increasing need for workers in our trade.
  • According to recent census data, Colorado’s population has increased by nearly 15% in the last decade; Colorado’s construction industry is facing a discrepancy of over 40,000 workers to meet its ever-growing needs over the next five years.
  • There is an immediate need to strengthen the workforce development pathways that are in place, including high school construction programs, registered apprenticeships, and short-term training programs such as the Construction Careers Now program. A direct impact of strengthening these pathways is diversifying the workforce through addressing the gender and minority disparities currently representing the industry – and getting all of the apprenticeships working together to offer greater benefits through a unified program.
  • The idea is to start this initiative in Colorado with other states able to adopt a similar model as the program gains national attention.

The Grant Proposal for Our Trade:

Our Opportunity Now – Colorado Talent Development Initiative grant proposal will focus on three primary areas:

  • Build upon and expand the Home Builders Institute (HBI) programs in high schools and the adult learner pathways – to provide increased access to apprenticeships and construction careers
  • Construct a new customized 60-credit associate degree in Construction that will build upon existing apprenticeship curriculum – offering credit for apprenticeship courses already completed that will apply toward an associate degree
  • Provide a supported pathway for learners pursuing either an associate or bachelor degree while they continue to work in the field
  • Create a statewide opportunity for the newly created programs to launch within the Colorado Community College System

See the diagram below for more details on how a future in construction offers an abundant career pathway with the ability to learn while you earn and advance your career (while graduating debt-free). Weifield is excited about the potential for all workers in our trade and are excited to be a part of this promising new initiative!

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