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Weifield’s values aren’t just promises – they’re our PACT.

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We have a culture that values individuals, promotes and grows happy and healthy employees, and celebrates victories as a team. We offer highly competitive benefits for all employees resulting in an exceptional experience for our customers.

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Weifield Group is an equal opportunity employer.

Charitable Focus


As we grow, our company is able to contribute more and more to charities within our four main philanthropic areas – Women & Children, Head of Household, the U.S. Military, and Health/The Less Fortunate. Weifield’s owners have created a company where even the most challenged individuals can work and thrive. We’re proud of our dedication to the communities in which we live and serve!

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  • “I cannot say enough great things about not only your company but more importantly the individuals that I have built valuable and reliable relationships with over the last few years.  I truly enjoy working with you all and am eager to continue that in the near future!”                            

    Todd Ruff Preconstruction Director, GH Phipps
  • “I wanted to pass along a thanks to Weifield’s Service team (specifically, Greg Varela).  The lighting looked great and the manufacturing director commented that the room looked cleaner than we he started the lighting install.”

    Larry Nuckols Spectralogic
  • “A sincere thank you for a job well done by Weifield Group throughout our recent plant move/new facility project. We have substantially raised the bar for manufacturing plants in Trelleborg and the Weifield team played a major role in the delivery of our new world-class facility. From the start of the project, your team was professional, responsive and very easy to work with. The schedule was tight and we encountered many design challenges, but we were able to complete the project on time and to specification because of Weifield’s ability to perform high quality work on a timely basis while effectively coordinating with other contractors. Your team did an exceptional job for us and I would not hesitate to recommend Weifield to anyone in need of any electrical contractor.”

    Tom Potosky General Manager, General Manager, Trelleborg
  • “After reading Weifield’s monthly newsletter for some time – I am pretty  impressed with the type of organization you are building.”

    Chris A. Cerveny Sr. Vice President, Citywide Banks
  • “I have worked projects with every major electrical contractor in the area. You are one of the best. Thank you for the safe and quality work you give us. Great job!”

    Glenn Wieczorek EHS Coordinator at Trelleborg
  • “I want to say thank you for being responsive, you are the one contractor I haven’t had to worry about, so thanks!”

    Cliff Reichert Operations Manager, HSS Inc. – Systems Integration
  • “As an ex-electrical guy, I am pleased with the installations and workmanship. As a side note, I have worked with many contractors during my career, and Weifield's willingness to work with us and accommodate our special security requirements on this project has been stellar.”

    Ken Morrison City of Fort Collins
  • “A sincere thank you for a job well done by Weifield Group throughout our recent plant move/new facility project. We have substantially raised the bar for manufacturing plants in Trelleborg and the Weifield team played a major role in the delivery of our new world-class facility. From the start of the project, your team was professional, responsive and very easy to work with. The schedule was tight and we encountered many design challenges, but we were able to complete the project on time and to specification because of Weifield’s ability to perform high quality work on a timely basis while effectively coordinating with other contractors. Your team did an exceptional job for us and I would not hesitate to recommend Weifield to anyone in need of any electrical contractor.”

    Tom Potosky General Manager, Trelleborg
  • “It was a pleasure working with the Service team on the Erie High School project.  Weifield did a fantastic job and I look forward to working with you guys again soon. Please forward my thanks on to the rest of the team.”

    Jim Fredenburg Project Manager – Saunders Construction
  • “We are really happy with the effort you as well as Weifield puts into these projects.  It is great for us to have a good partner that we can rely on.”

    Nathaniel Boyer Turner Construction
  • “Very quick response by Cameo and Weifield.  I appreciate it.  We were able to work around this problem for today…and hope the problems will be fixed for good in the future.”

    Tamene Abebe Colorado State University
  • “Jim Dent is an asset to the industry!”

    Scott Pandy Director of Electrical Services, Hensel Phelps
  • “I wanted to thank you for Weifield’s responsiveness last Friday. Our water plant interior was flooded and we had other high water related issues so I appreciated that you were able to quickly respond on the motor issue at Button Rock Reservoir.”

    Jim Kaufman Treatment Operations Manager, City of Longmont
  • “We have been very impressed with everyone we have dealt with on your team and would certainly consider you for any of our future needs.”

    Nicole Bloch Hearing Care Solutions
  • “WOW! You guys are FAST! Thank you for taking care of us so quickly!”

    Brenda Kaser-Burger Client of Classic Property Management
  • “Weifield does do an amazing job!”

    Emily Kristel Office Manager, Classic Property Management
  • “I just want to inform you of the excellent work two members of your staff did for us while they were working on our campus. Both Scott Dorn & Sean Schmidt were very professional and diligent in their work overcoming obstacles on a campus that has not been well-lit. Your employees went above and beyond the scope of work expected of them, resolving our issues and offering solutions to future potential problems. They represented your company well.”

    Mike Ryan Sodexo Facilities Manager, Johnson & Wales University
  • “Weifield differentiates itself from the competition via ownership of the project and punch lists. The job site foremen were excellent and the majority of punch list items were handled in a timely manner. I would hire Weifield Group again.”    

    Tami Holley Holley FPE
  • “I wish all our vendors’ responses were as good as Weifield’s.”

    Dave Black Johnson & Wales University
  • "I have been with the city for over 7 years and working with Weifield was by far the best experience I have had with any electrical contractor. Mike Baltazar, Field Supervisor, was attentive to our needs and requests which is unlike most other contractors we work with. He truly cared about the finished product and was not just here to complete what was contracted, but a product that we were happy to have."

    Nick Ehrlich City of Longmont
  • “Thank you very much for the opportunity to work with you on the Pepsi Center Lighting Upgrades project. Your team was excellent to wort with. We look forward to working with you again, soon!”

    Peter Maurelli Barbizon Light of the Rockies
  • “We were sitting in an OAC meeting yesterday at Skyridge Medical Center and Weifield was brought up during the meeting. The hospital along with Saunders could not be happier with the performance of Weifield, specifically Field Supervisor Tyler Pagett, on this project. The hospital (including the DPO and Director of the Hospital) told us that Weifield is by far the best electrical contractor they have worked with. The hospital also told us to watch out for the electrical inspector as he can be very difficult. David (Saunders Superintendent) quickly let the hospital know that the electrical inspector was the least of our worries, which they could not believe. For him to state that is a true testimony to the work Tyler and his crew have performed onsite. Please extend our gratitude.”

    Chris Harmons Saunders Construction
  • “First and foremost, I would like to extend my thanks to Weifield Group for replacing the transformer that was reaching critical levels at the laboratory. I understand the potential catastrophe that could have resulted at any moment, and appreciate your immediate response to our needs. Your staff did a tremendous job with safety always at the forefront."

    Michael Trujillo Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
  • “I wanted to thank you for Weifield’s responsiveness last Friday. Our water plant interior was flooded and we had other high water related issues, so I appreciated that you were able to quickly respond on the motor issue at Button Rock Reservoir.”

    Jim Kaufman City of Longmont
  • “We have been very impressed with everyone we have dealt with on your team and would certainly consider Weifield for any of our future needs.”

    Nicole Bloch Hearing Care Solutions
  • “Weifield does do an amazing job!”

    Emily Kristel Classic Property Management
  • “Wynkoop looks awesome and I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for their great personal efforts, patience, and workmanship! The client is very happy and I am going to look at the next project in Fort Collins next week. We couldn’t have done it without our great partners, Weifield and Raymond’s!”

    Roger Smith Howell Construction
  • “Weifield differentiates itself from the competition via ownership of the project and punch lists. The job site foremen were excellent and the majority of punch list items were handled in a timely manner. I would hire Weifield Group again.”            

    Tami Holley Holley FPE
  • “I just wanted to pass a quick ‘thank you’ to you and your team. Since your guys started working here last week, several people here at Kärcher have voiced concerns about the original plan and requested adjustments.  Your guys have been very flexible throughout the whole process and I really appreciate it. Your team is doing a great job in working through adjustments with us."

    Joe Check Kärcher
  • "Working with the Weifield team was quite a positive experience for our client, myself personally and all other team participants. From Weifield's executives at the corporate office to the foreman and team members on-site, the "can-do" attitude made our challenging project go smoothly. The Weifield team rose to meet every challenge and worked hard to make this project a success for all. I look forward to working with Weifield on future projects."

    Don Fitzmartin President and CEO, Fitzmartin Consulting
  • "Weifield as a whole was exceedingly pleasant to work with, something you don’t see often these days. Thanks for all the hard work."

    Dillon Rodriguez, Project Engineer Swinerton Builders
  • "Weifield is a great team player. I look forward to the times that Weifield is on a project, because it always seems to go a lot smoother."

    Christine Williams MKK Consulting Engineers, Senior Electrical Designer
  • "This was not Weifield's issue to resolve, but we appreciate the way it was handled as resolving issues like these successfully creates a good perception for everyone involved in the project. Thank you for being a team player and assisting in this situation."

    Theron Skidmore GE Johnson - Project Manager
  • "I just wanted to shoot you a quick email letting you know how much we appreciate the great work that Weifield is providing us here at the Solarium. You and your team always seem to get us the help we need as soon as possible. The group of guys (Robbie, Kyle, and Greg) that we see most are always very thorough with their work and ensure that the problem gets resolved correctly the first time. I wanted to make sure that your help and hard work and dedication to providing the level of service necessary in our industry doesn’t go unnoticed -- and I wanted to say thanks for that!"

    Nick Duval CapRidge Partners
  • "PCL recently had the pleasure of working with Weifield Group on renovating a historic apartment building in the neighborhood south of Sloans Lake. There were many challenges, but Weifield Group proved to be a true partner on this project and they were key to successfully delivering a quality project to a very enthusiastic owner.  Their on-site safety, attention to quality and ability to provide creative cost-effective solutions are second to none. PCL highly recommends Weifield Group as a proactive, on time, on budget partner to any construction project!"

    Kerri Shepard PCL Construction - Project Manager
  • "We work with many different organizations throughout the year; everything we do requires a great amount of scheduling of various people and meetings. I have to admit - the scheduling part is not something I cherish.  Of all the people I have worked with, Tessa Campbell at your organization is by far the most efficient and cheerful support I have ever had! She schedules meetings quickly AND accurately and when changes are needed, she takes things in stride and is always more than happy to help. THANK YOU!"

    Alexandra von Jungenfeld The Dandavati Group
  • "Just want you to know, I loved working for Weifield!  I love the values of the company as a whole – plus the effort put forth to helping people find their way back to a better life made me proud to work there.  Not many companies open their doors to help people who sometimes are desperate for a second chance.  I formed bonds and friendships with a few apprentices who were making life changes, in their life and continue to do so. I am glad to have met them, I believe it was meant to be.  If not for working at Weifield, I would not have had the chance to know them.  Makes my heart happy.  Thanks again!"

    Liz Dietrich Former Weifield Employee
  • “I wanted to inform you of the exceptional work your team performed at O’Dea Elementary School. Your professionalism, strong work ethic and attention to detail was higher than any other on the job. After speaking with the Poudre School District, their head electrician also mentioned the superb workmanship completed by your team.  All of us from FCI appreciate you sending a FANTASTIC team to perform at our jobsite!"

    Jeff Jensen Superintendent – FCI Constructors
  • “I am extremely pleased with the service, professionalism and support your group provides, I only wish that more of the subcontractors I hire to do internal work would provide me with even a fraction of what I can count on getting from you all. I would strongly recommend Weifield to anyone looking for professional and quality electrical work!!”

    Robert Orton Maintenance Supervisor - Creative Foam Corporation
  • “To the Crew at Turner and Weifield....THANK YOU! You've made believers in all of us that there are still firms that understand what customer service is all about.”

    Thomas Blahak Boulder Valley School District
  • “It would be great if I ran into Colin Wheeler and Nate Anderson again in the future. I feel that both of them have been easy to work with and would recommend you and your company on future projects if given the opportunity.”

    Gregory Mondragon Electrical Engineer – Swanson Rink
  • “Kudos to your excellent Service division – my light fixture was fixed in about 15 minutes. Says a lot about your Service team.”

    Dennis Barts CEO – Avista Hospital
  • “This is a thank you to the entire Weifield team for the outstanding performance given on the Westminster Pump Station Improvements Project! Garney has received tremendous recommendations from the City of Westminster based upon the overall project performance and the project has also been nominated for several design build awards. None of this would be possible without the tremendous support provided to Garney by Weifield Industrial Team, including Penny Berkeyheiser, Rod Chapman, and Curtis Miller. We are all well aware of the demands generated by a fast paced design build project of this type, and Weifield stepped up to the plate and delivered an outstanding project.”

    Ruben King Sr. Project Manager – Garney Companies Inc.
  • “Weifield Group worked with the City of Westminster on a recent design/build project involving improvements at four different pump station facilities. At the weekly construction progress meetings the Weifield team was always prepared to respond confidently and accurately to questions regarding their work. Weifield’s outlook to every challenge was, ‘How can we help?’ Their positive contribution helped the team successfully complete the project on-time and with sustained relationships.”

    Julie Koehler Sr. Engineer – City of Westminster
  • “This project has been a moving target from the very beginning and the design is a continual process. Weifield has attended many design meetings for us to use their expertise in ensuring the project is built cost effectively and correctly. This job has required many long hours and Saturdays, and Weifield is always a team player. They see the finish line and will do anything to cross it. I cannot wait for the next opportunity to work on a project with Weifield Group!”

    Amy Quinn Project Manager – The Weitz Company
  • “I am thankful for Weifield and the superior level of performance provided to meet the high expectations of GH Phipps and our client. Through many challenging conditions, Weifield delivered quality work on time, within budget, and without incident. I am thrilled to be able to write such a recommendation as the highly competitive Denver market does not always allow engagement of a contractor of this quality.”

    Piotr Niemkiewicz Project Manager – GH Phipps
  • “Thank you so much for your participation in Construction 101 at Boulder High School! We appreciate you taking the time to share your expertise and knowledge with the kids at Boulder High to inform them about great potential careers for the future.”

    Fran Ryan CEO of Impact for Education
  • “Your team sets the standard in what it means to overcome obstacles and this project had its fair share. I am overwhelmingly impressed with the can-do attitude, attention to detail, and workmanship since these attributes are rarely seen in today’s work force. The Weifield team stayed on task throughout this entire project testing and then retesting and then looking at it a 3rd and possibly a 4th time to ensure that all life safety systems were installed to the highest of standard the Weifield Group obviously sets for its employees. I look forward to working with your team on future projects!”

    Scott Stene Fire Inspector – South Metro Fire
  • “Thank you Weifield for your time and effort to make this event happen. We appreciate you!”

    Melinda Groom Community Schools Director – Boulder Valley School District
  • “Your crew over there have been awesome to us and always do an amazing job.  It is great to know I work with people that I didn’t know at first and now have become friends with. Thanks again for all you all do for us.”

    Anthony Deaser Property Manager – Focus Property Group
  • "Jess McCarrick was featured in the Haselden ‘I Got Your 6’ highlight in May – Jess stopped another subcontractor employee from operating a blow-rod without a face shield. The high pressure blow rod kicks dirt and debris in the air and could cause injury to the operator. The operator then put on a face shield before operating the blow rod. We need more people like Jess!”

    Byron Haselden CEO - Haselden Construction
  • “From the office to the field, everyone is very knowledgeable and very helpful. When the job started to get in trouble on the last phase, Weifield manned the project to maintain the schedule. Overall, my experience with Weifield was very positive; we hit the dates on every phase and the work was outstanding. We welcome the opportunity to work with your team again.”

    Paul Newberry and Travis Thai i2 Construction
  • “It is always good to hear we are all on the same page. We truly enjoy working with Weifield!"

    Rebecca Jackson Controller – Glacier Construction
  • “I wanted to thank you very much for all the support on Dry Creek (and your continuing role on the data center). You guys stuck with us and pulled that out in amazing fashion. Miller Global and Arrow are both quite happy.”

    Troy Garrett Executive VP / General Manager – Weitz Construction
  • “Just wanted to say that we appreciate the response time and quality of work for this project and please pass this on accordingly to your team.”

    Shay Geisler ECCV Water & Sanitation District
  • “In a report from MV Consulting to Swinerton and myself, the electrical engineer gives praise to our Superintendent, Scott Buckey, and the quality of the craftsmanship on this project -- saying, ‘We observed the quality of the electrical installation by the group to be excellent. On this project, it exceeds our expectations and the work of your industry peers.’ Outstanding compliment regarding Weifield's leadership, the leadership of our managers, and the entire crew!”

    Russell Tafoya Weifield Project Executive
  • “Michael Ferguson with Theatre DNA just wrapped up for the day, and he said today’s theatrical lighting and dimming checkout went better than any he’s been a part of, and he gave a glowing review all around. Kudos to you guys.”

    Michael D. Mersmann Project Manager - Turner Construction
  • “Weifield was awesome and Turner was also a big part of the success. Please make sure both of your teams know how much we appreciated the cooperation and intelligent approach.”

    Rick Loudenburg Western Operations Manager - Barbizon Lighting
  • "Thank you for helping us figure out all of this electrical work. Kärcher couldn’t choose a better contractor/GM.”

    Paul Ticu Manufacturing Engineer - Kärcher North America, Inc.
  • “UCH Team - I shared time with Ben from Fransen Pittman reviewing this project. He had very complimentary things to say about the entire team – from leadership to the whole crew. This is our first job with Fransen Pittman and it was great to hit it out of the park with top 5 ratings! Your team should be so proud!”

    Karla Nugent Weifield Chief Business Development Officer
  • “Give this message to ownership. Justin Hales is the BEST electrician I have ever worked with – and I have worked with a lot of electricians.”

    Allan Morales Superintendent – Saunders Construction
  • “Weifield was flexible and didn’t complain – you were very valuable on this project. You responded to all the changes thrown your way.”

    Mitch Blain Google/CBRE
  • “Your team did exactly what we needed for Ricoh to allow us to provide the owner with a great project. I’m guessing there were long hours on your team’s end. It is appreciated.”

    Kyle Erickson Howell Denver
  • “Nice job! I appreciate how quickly and thoroughly you and your team accomplished resolution of the punchlist.”

    Jim Brunette Facilities Sr. PM - Terumo BCT
  • [Kudo for Industrial Division's UNC Chiller Project Team] “I met with the UNC owners last week – WOW, they gave your team all top scores! ‘Weifield was one of the top subs and executed on a really fast-paced project.’ They also complimented the team on our high and low voltage knowledge, training and equipment. They want us on more of their jobs. Fantastic work, everyone!”

    Karla Nugent Weifield Chief Business Development Officer
  • “A primary electrical service completed in July was a major undertaking in the short duration that was allotted. I especially want to thank Matt Flinn for his coordination and can-do attitude. The professionalism really impressed me! Electrical contractors of this caliber make a General Contractor’s life much easier. Thank you again!”

    Troy Berry GH Phipps
  • [Kudo for Weifield & Our Chief Business Development Officer, Karla Nugent] “You have a terrific company that outperforms other electrical contractors and Karla is one of the best BD professionals in the market.”

    Jessica Ostermick Director - CBRE
  • “I would like to take this opportunity to commend Steve Feucht for his excellent work ethic and knowledge of his electrical trade. I truly believe that we would not have made this very aggressive schedule without his coordination abilities and out-in-front attitude.  I also should include Bill Wilson as a very good lieutenant who also had a can-do attitude. They were both very respectful when communicating with the owner's rep and end users. This made it much easier for me to coordinate all the trades and make the UCD Building 500 project a success."  

    Chris Muniz Howell Construction
  • “I wanted to send a quick thank you for the hard work, collaboration and partnership displayed by your design, estimating, and field staff on the Theatre Box, Exterior Lighting and Press Level projects. Your team members have been invaluable resources, all the way from concept design to completion. We very much appreciate the relationship we’ve developed with Weifield, and look forward to working together on many more successful projects in the future. Please share my thanks and appreciation with your entire team!"

    Julie Siebert Senior Director – Kroenke Sports & Entertainment
  • “I feel like I can go talk to anyone at this company about anything, at any time, and no one would hesitate to help out. Everybody has each other’s back.”

    Craig Terry Weifield Field Supervisor
  • “I love the people. Everybody that works here is really cool.”

    Scott Dorn Weifield Service Technician
  • “So when I first started, I was a first year apprentice like everyone else – pulling MC and bending pipe. And now I’m estimating large design-assist and design-build projects – it’s quite a leap. I love the people at Weifield – there’s a lot of talk about culture, but culture is really the people, and I love my coworkers.”

    Connor Bonnicksen Weifield Estimator
  • “I love Weifield. I love the ownership…I’ve been here for eight years, and it’s like a family.”

    David Holder Weifield Field Supervisor
  • “I’ve gone from being 16 and not knowing what I’m going to do, to being 25 – just bought my first house. I have a great job – tons of upward mobility; I am absolutely thrilled to be working here. What I love most about Weifield is the people I get to work with. We have great people here – particularly ownership and upper management. They are extremely caring people, genuine when they say they care about you – not just as an employee, but as a person – and willing to help you out. They mean it when they say their people are their strength; they take that to heart and their actions show it, not just their words.”

    Stephen Sammon Weifield Field Supervisor
  • “Weifield helped me to get some English classes and put me in school – and now I am a Journeyman!”

    Marcelino Gatica-Castro Weifield Journeyman
  • “I’ve been here for 14 years – and in that 14 years, I’ve gotten several awards and bonuses; the biggest bonus was my $10K check I got on my 10-year anniversary, so it is definitely worth it to be at Weifield.”

    Anthony Ammerita Weifield Service Technician
  • “The best electrical company in Colorado. Highly respectful and treats their clients great. Love working here. Their values speak volumes when it comes to their employees. They actually do care. They made promises to me and followed through with all of them. HR is extremely professional. All of my upper management is available and honest with the way they conduct themselves.”

    Quincy Davis Weifield Field Supervisor
  • “I’ve been working with them for eight years and I've never worked for or have seen a company who cares so much for their employees. It really shows in the quality that is delivered to the customers.”

    Scott Ammon Weifield Journeyman Electrician
  • “This is without a doubt the best employer I have worked for. I am blessed.”

    Scott Murray Weifield Apprentice
  • “Finally happy….I love working here.”

    Paul Kelly Weifield Apprentice
  • My name is Lawrence and I am a second-year apprentice with your company. I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you. Just under two years ago, I had no dreams, goals or sense of direction of what I wanted in life. I made some poor choices and never thought or planned for my future because I wasn’t sure whether or not I would last another day. I could write an entire series of books of ‘what not to do’ in life. After a few months in jail, I vowed to do everything I could and not waste another moment in my life. I was released on August 11, 2016, and was determined to make up for lost time. My brother is a Master Electrician and convinced me that it was a rewarding career. After talking with him and doing my own research, I made my decision that I was going to be an electrician and learn the trade. I was 36 years old with no family, house or car for that matter -- but there was nothing that was going to stop me from accomplishing the goals I had set for myself. I walked into the doors of the Weifield office with a weak resume. The only thing I had on my side was determination and the will to succeed — or so I thought. The next thing that happened, I will never forget. I was sitting across from your safety manager, Brad Boswell; I explained to him my past and thought in my head that this is where this story would end. Then he stunned me with a response that actually made my eyes swell. He said, “Son, I don’t care too much about your past. I care about your future. Do you care about your future?" There were no words to describe the feeling I had. It was the feeling that I was on my way and everything will be all right. Here I sit, a year and nine months later. I have a home full of furniture, a nice car, and a gorgeous loving woman whom I'm engaged to. As of two weeks ago, I am also a father. We had a beautiful, healthy baby boy named Ocean. I love my job. The opportunity that Weifield has given me has made my dreams and goals a reality. I have had the pleasure of working with amazing foremen and crew members. Your company — my company — feels like family. I wake up excited to go to work and this is something I thought was impossible to do. I can never thank you enough for giving me the chance to turn my life around.

    Lawrence W.
  • All of us at the Bioscience 3 project wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the opportunities you have given us and our families. Weifield is so much more than a job or a paycheck, we thank you for creating something so positive and influential in our lives and hope to be a part of it for many years to come. Thank you.

    Clayton Robinson Field Supervisor, Hunter Bowes, and Lawrence Williamson
  • “I just wanted to send you guys a deep thank you for working with me this semester with my course load – especially with my mid-day class. Without Weifield’s  flexibility and understanding, I would not have been able to complete this semester and the last one and a half years. On this note I would like to let you know that I am not a college graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management! Thank you again and I am proud that I was able to achieve this as a Weifield team member.”

    Matthew Hammond Weifield Electrical Contracting, Field Supervisor
  • I wanted to reach out and thank you for the employee gathering this past weekend. The camaraderie and fun we had was amazing. I have never worked at a company that drives this kind of family culture (and actually means it) – the adage of ‘it’s not what you say, it’s what you do’ seems applicable. I just wanted to convey my appreciation.

    Scott J. Dick Industrial Construction Manager | Weifield Group Contracting
  • "On behalf of my crew, I would like to extend gratitude for lunch and gifts for winning the crew of the month. On a personal note, I really do appreciate the opportunity for me to move forward with Weifield and further my career. I appreciate how I have the ability to work on being a better electrician, foreman, and most of all a better person. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by good hearted people here at Weifield."

    Steve Feucht Superintendent | Weifield Group Contracting
  • “I am open and ready to any and all classes you can throw at me to get me elevated. I feel confident in my ability to learn and want to utilize it. Weifield is a home for me in regard to my career. Everything I have done and earned in my very short career has been thanks to Weifield extending that possibility, so I want to return that.”

    David Moore Weifield Journeyman

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  Weifield’s CO/WY Service division’s Amazon project in Denver, CO started in August 2021; this project included calibrating photo eyes, syncing up multiple motors, re-routing and cleaning multiple IO termination stations, configuring the multiple EPO stations, as well as belt troubleshooting and PLC wiring. Said Jeff Livesay, McCombs-Wall, Inc. CEO: “Weifield’s wire management and routing had […]


Kudos to Cesar Villa (Weifield Texas Electrician) for being selected as the Weifield Texas November, 2021 Employee of the Month!


Congratulations to David M. (Weifield Journeyman) for your November, 2021 CO/WY Employee of the Month recognition!


Weifield projects win gold and bronze awards. See inside for a video link highlighting all 2021 ACE Awards winners.

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