Flexible Work Initiative


If you have feedback on the flexible work initiative or data to share from successful beta tests of this type of program within your organization, we would love to hear about it; please email your thoughts to flexiblework@weifieldgroup.com.

Uniting to Attract and Retain Valuable Workers in the Trades

With recruiting and retention of workers in our trade becoming extremely difficult — construction as a whole is facing a daunting challenge. Several national and global organizations have moved to the flexible work schedule model in an effort to protect the ability to survive and thrive throughout this ‘Great Resignation’ era, and beyond, including the Department of Transportation, Chick-Fil-A, and Sage Hospitality Group, the preferred management company for Marriott International, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, and Hyatt — as well as technology companies like Google, who have implemented flexible work long before the Covid-19 era.

If construction businesses begin taking a different view toward creating a new working model, flexibility will make a huge difference in a sector that hasn’t evolved much in a long time. The shift starts with thinking about outcomes rather than hours spent at work, as well as actively challenging traditional perceptions and mindsets about how work needs to be performed in the construction industry.

Please read our Flexible Schedule Whitepaper which highlights the importance of exploring new ways of recruiting and retaining talent, collectively. Together, we can ensure the wellbeing and performance of individuals and teams while protecting the future of our industry.

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