Project SCALE: A Connected & Cumulative Career Pathway in Construction

Please read our Project SCALE whitepaper which provides more details on this program; if you have feedback or questions about Project SCALE, please email your thoughts to

Colorado is short more than 40,000 construction workers and industries are increasingly partnering directly with education providers to solve their workforce challenges. Project SCALE brings together 10 years of innovation to create a paid pathway to economic mobility via financial support and facilitation by the construction industry and education sector.

Fully supported by both industry and education, this program increases top-of-the[1]funnel talent from K12 through postsecondary education and accelerates students’ educational paths and entry into the workforce. The Project SCALE program sets up learners and employers up for success by creating an educational pathway, beginning in high school, that counts completed coursework toward future construction apprenticeship program credits; completed apprenticeship coursework then counts toward 45 of the required 60 associate degree credits; and completed associate degree coursework counts toward bachelor’s degree credits. In this way, the program builds true credential ‘stackability’ into the traditional trade education path culminating in expanded career opportunities for all skilled tradespeople.

This program is an innovative statewide partnership led by Associated General Contractors Construction Education Foundation, Careers in Construction, Colorado Community College System, Weifield Group Contracting, and Colorado Succeeds – and is also supported by more than 25 construction businesses, nonprofits, work sector partnerships and educational institutions.

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