Employee Referral Program

Weifield believes that our employees are the best sources of new talent, so we encourage our employees to refer applicants who are looking for a career opportunity and may be a good fit culturally. We have numerous positions we’re hiring for – and we are rewarding our employees who refer qualified candidates who end up filling these critical positions!

Employees are encouraged to review new job postings to determine whether they know of any suitable candidates. Employees who wish to refer a qualified applicant for a posted position are asked to forward the candidate’s resume to Human Resources – to recruiting@weifieldgroup.com. Referred resumes should clearly indicate the name of the referring employee.

Referral Payments

Payment for the referral of successful job candidates are subject to the following.

The hiring manager and human resources will, in their sole discretion, designate whether the position is a critical or non-critical hire based on business needs.

  • The referral bonus will not be earned and shall not be paid unless and until the new employee completes 60 days of active, continuous employment
  • A referring employee who resigns or is terminated from the Company prior to the referral payment date has not earned, and is not eligible to receive, a referral payment
  • Employee referral payments will be paid the first payroll cycle after the new employee completes 60 days of active, continuous employment. Referral payments are paid through payroll and are taxable.

This program was effective as of April 1, 2016 and shall apply to all new employee referrals. Weifield reserves the right to modify or cancel this referral program at any time, with or without notice.

If you have any questions related to the referral program, please email recruiting@weifieldgroup.com.


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