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3-Year Picture: Challenging, Award-Winning Projects | Career Growth Opportunities | Operating in 4 Markets | 900+ Engaged Employees

A national leader in cutting-edge electrical construction, Weifield combines the professional expertise of our employees with innovative technologies to build some of the world’s most energy-efficient buildings. Whether the project is miles of medium voltage cable, highly technical, Net Zero, inclusive of solar or special systems, we are proven leaders in our field with our award-winning installations. More than 90% of the leading General Contractors in our Rocky Mountain, Texas, and Tennessee regions rely on our expert services to provide a quality project on-time and in budget.

DATE FOUNDED: January 15, 2002

WORK AREAS: Colorado, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming

CATEGORIES OF WORK: Electrical, fire alarm systems, voice/data cabling, security/surveillance/CCTV, sound, nurse call, low voltage/medium voltage systems, A/V equipment, cathodic protection, building systems controls.

TECHNOLOGIES: Live Count, BIM to FAB, Trimble Systems, Blue Beam and Color Infrared Imaging, Virtual Design, Procore, Asta Scheduling

BONDING: $75M Single Point | $200M Aggregate



Industry-Leading Net Zero Experience

The first electrical contractor in the region to complete LEED Platinum and Net Zero projects, Weifield has completed millions of square feet of LEED projects, in total – we leverage this expertise to help our clients achieve their critical sustainability goals.

Lean Construction

With a sustainability focus, Weifield meets our clients’ needs by eliminating anything that does not contribute value to a project, by proactively addressing issues and potential waste and using the least amount of material in the construction process.

Accurate/Proactive Scheduling

We pride ourselves on our ability to stay ahead of schedule. We work with the general contractor to solve problems before they arise and communicate with the other trades on the job to assure a smooth workflow. As a standard, Weifield proactively identifies conflicts and problems to resolve issues before they impact the construction schedule.

Community Focus

As Community is one of our PACT values Weifield strives to make a social impact at every turn. As we grow, our company is able to contribute more and more to charities within our four main philanthropic areas – Women & Children, Head of Household, the U.S. Military, and the Disabled & Less Fortunate. We help even the most challenged individuals to work and thrive. For example, graduates of Denver’s Stout Street Foundation (SSF) program, a Denver rehab facility and therapeutic community, can receive training and become an electrician at Weifield via our company’s SSF Apprenticeship program. We employ 40 electricians from SSF and similar programs to help them make a sustainable life change.

Value Engineering

As a standard, Weifield identifies 3 – 5 areas where we can harness our experience to decrease costs, eliminate challenges, and reduce the schedule duration. Once we evaluate options and identify solutions, we coordinate with the electrical engineer to implement positive changes. Through value engineering, we provide maximum benefit to our clients’ projects.

Expert Training and an Exceptional Workforce

In addition to our multitude of internal trainings, Weifield trains all of our apprentices in the Independent Electrical Contractors’ BAT/OA-certified apprenticeship program and our journeymen/ wiremen are trained in continuing education courses at IEC and local community colleges. By prioritizing education, field training, and safety initiatives, Weifield cultivates employees dedicated to producing work of superior quality. Our company culture ensures we maintain a happy and healthy employee base – as evidenced by our Denver Post Top Workplaces achievement for five years running!

Leading-Edge Technologies

To fulfill our clients’ needs, we harness cutting-edge technology throughout the entire project, implement value engineering to reduce cost, and proactively manage the construction process. These technologies include LiveCount & Accubid estimating software, BIM 3D dynamic building modeling software, Trimble Systems Robotic Stations for accurate installation layout, Bluebeam Revu markup and collaboration technology, Color Infrared Thermography software to detect energy performance issues, and more.

Healthcare Trained & Certified

Weifield provides a comprehensive healthcare construction training & certification course which is mandatory for all field personnel — covering a wide range of topics associated with precautions for construction and renovation activities in a healthcare setting.

  • “I’ve gone from being 16 and not knowing what I’m going to do, to being 25 – just bought my first house. I have a great job – tons of upward mobility; I am absolutely thrilled to be working here. What I love most about Weifield is the people I get to work with. We have great people here – particularly ownership and upper management. They are extremely caring people, genuine when they say they care about you – not just as an employee, but as a person – and willing to help you out. They mean it when they say their people are their strength; they take that to heart and their actions show it, not just their words.”

    Stephen Sammon Weifield Field Supervisor

At Weifield, we pride ourselves in achieving honesty, integrity, and quality in all aspects of our business. Weifield represents more than an electrical contracting company – we are an organization devoted to our people, our clients and the community, a company filled with innovative ideas, and a team united in providing the best services in the electrical industry.

By choosing Weifield, you become part of our team as we work to
define the future of electrical construction!

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