Target Zero Safety Program

Cultivating and promoting a safe workplace is a key core value at Weifield. We employ a “Target Zero” philosophy as the focus of our corporate safety plan. Characterized by the goal of experiencing zero incidents and injuries on any project, Target Zero is designed to eliminate hazards to personnel, processes, equipment and the public.


Weifield Safety Culture Diagram

To support our Target Zero goal, Weifield implements an integrated, company-wide safety management system. The cornerstones of this program include:

  • A Full-Time Safety Manager and a Corporate Safety Committee: Weifield employs a full time safety manager to guarantee our compliance with all safety requirements and assist clients with onsite safety planning and training. The safety manager administers Weifield’s Safety Ownership committee and organizes trainings to proactively drive down EMR ratings and risks.
  • Safe Hiring Practices: Weifield utilizes a hiring practices centered on risk mitigation and safe historical performance to select the most skilled and safety employees in the industry.
  • “Green Vest” Site-Specific Safety Advocates: Weifield promotes our safety culture by appointing a “green vest” safety representative for each project. This safety advocate wears a bright green vest for easy identification by his/her peers at the job site and is well-versed in Weifield’s safety policies in order to handle safety issues/concerns quickly and effectively.
  • Incident Management: As part of our Project Safety Plans (PSPs), Weifield develops comprehensive incident plans for each job site to be followed by work crews during the project.
  • Drug-Free Environment: We require a safe and drug-free environment with pre-employment and employment drug testing as part of our full company safety program.
  • Accountability & A Safety Culture: Our company culture promotes individual accountability to empower and encourage employees to take full responsibility for their actions. We expect employees to embrace and participate in our safety culture. In this way, we ensure the safety of our people.
  • Customized Safety Plans: We provide value to our clients by tailoring the safety process to customer needs on every project. Weifield Group requires personnel and subcontractors to follow customized safety plans and deliver projects with agility, personal service, and responsiveness to achieve safety excellence.
  • Environmental Reviews: We regularly evaluate our design, engineering, and physical work environments to verify safe and secure work conditions. These assessments ensure our defined safety practices are consistently followed or adjusted as needed.
  • Safety Program Assessments: We regularly assess our safety program for excellence by reviewing safety objectives, setting target goals, reporting performance metrics, and routinely analyzing our progress.

With Weifield Group, you can be assured of world-class safety performance on every project!

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