On July 23rd, Weifield was excited to participate in the 2023 Tough Mudder in Byers, Colorado. The goal was to complete the 10K and all of the obstacles and Weifield was successful!

This event was a 10K, which is the intermediate level and was 6+ miles and 20 obstacles.  Some of the obstacles included:

  • Arctic Enema – Participants plunge into a pit filled with ice water, dunk underneath a barbed wire covered plank that crosses the pit, and pull themselves out on other side.
  • Electroshock Therapy – Live wires hang over a field of mud which participants must traverse.
  • Funky Monkey – A set of incline and decline monkey bars over a pit of cold water.
  • Everest – Participants run up a quarter pipe slicked with mud and grease.
  • Mudderhorn- Forty feet up, forty feet down, with nothing but a net. Standing at almost 3 stories tall, our very own great ascent is sure to test your fear of heights. Clamber up one side towards the sun, admire the view and then try to not look down as you scramble down the other side.

Weifield participants included:

Christopher B.
Michael B.
Romeo C.
Daniel C.
Jeremy D.
Christian D.
David E.
Dillon F.
Aaron F.
Ginny H.
Caine H.
Carly J.
Mike M.
Brian M.
Stephan N.
Adolfo S.
Ricardo S.
Daniel S.
Paul T.
Melissa T.
Chris W.
Tyshane Y.

Although a HOT day, our Weifield team were TOUGH MUDDERS!

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