Kudos to our Rocky Mountain April, 2023 Employee of the Month — Joe M., Weifield Rocky Mountain Health and Safety Specialist!

The April, 2023 Employee of the Month round focused on identifying teammates in our company who best represent the ‘T’ (Trusting Relationships) value in our PACT.

Joe was nominated by Jack C. (Weifield Rocky Mountain Chief Safety Officer), Erik U. (Weifield Rocky Mountain Superintendent) and Nick G. (Weifield Rocky Mountain Superintendent), who said the following:

“Joe is a Safety Specialist on the Sugar Project and has been onsite for over a year. Joe came out of retirement to help us on the Sugar Project and will be returning to retirement to start the chapter of his life with his wife soon. During this time, Joe has taken care of all the safety concerns on the project and has made sure all our employees are trained an aware of the hazards on site. He has also looked at many of the programs in place and is a champion at implementing new process related to our advance process. Joe is a very hard worker and has assured the employees at Sugar are a head of the game when it comes to safety. He continuously strives to further the safety and productivity of our people. He truly cares about not only our people, but everyone involved on the project. He would give the shirt off his back without a question. His work ethic is second to none. We couldn’t do it without him and are honored to have him on the team.”

Joe is being awarded a $100 gift card and will be featured in Weifield’s online communications.

​​​​​Thank you for all you do and for representing the ‘T’ in Weifield’s PACT, Joe — congratulations!

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