On Tuesday, September 12th, after working all summer on the Weifield Industrial division’s Boulder 63rd WTF Project, Weifield’s Industrial team hit its first large milestone on the project – energizing and startup of the Raw Water Pump Station! This achievement entailed an all-new 1500’ medium voltage continuous cable run, new utility transformer, all new MCC, and VFDs. This is one of four milestones the team must hit before Spring of 2025!

This $10.9M project with Archer Western (GC) consists of renovations of the electrical distribution system throughout the campus, high service pump station, raw water strainer vault, replacement of HVAC systems, raw water pump station, etc.

Additionally, Weifield teammate, William B., just passed his Journeyman exam about a month ago and this was his first time starting up a building’s utility power, especially one for which he was intimately involved in the rough installation. He did a stellar job; it took all his might to switch the transformer on.

This is one of those moments that makes Weifield Superintendent Chris W.’s job amazing and he couldn’t be prouder of Will.

We are proud of the Boulder project and William’s future as a Weifield Journeyman!



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