The CenTex IEC chapter reached out to offer Miguel S. (Weifield Texas Superintendent) a position to be part of the Apprenticeship Training Committee. This group is responsible to review and approve all new material to be taught and apprenticeship issues. Miguel will also be assisting with 6-8 classes per year for the CE in Spanish to help our electrical Hispanic community renew their licenses and stay up-to-date with the NEC changes. And, last but not least, Miguel was offered back his position as an instructor on the upcoming year to teach 3rd year on the curriculum (Grounding and Bonding).

The CenTex IEC chapter is recognized as the source of innovative education, products and services that help to enhance member productivity, profitability and competitiveness through appropriate delivery channels, such as  training centers, strategic partners and various technologies, thereby securing the competitive advantage.

Per Miguel: “I just feel happy to share this great personal news to people I considered not only my mentors, but part of this great family called Weifield Group.”

Congratulations Miguel on your CenTex IEC recognition!

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