On April 25th, crews broke ground on new water treatment system (SACWSD PFAS) in South Adams County in Colorado!

This project is intended to deliver drinking water that meets state and federal standards – including new EPA regulations to rid the water of PFAs – in the next five years. The PFAS Treatment Facility Project will consist of the construction of a new facility west of the existing Klein WTF. The new facility will include the below-grade EQ tank and will completely contain the PFAS treatment process equipment. The PFAS treatment facility will intercept the existing raw water flow from the wells. Minor improvements and modifications to the existing plant infrastructure will be included to integrate the new facility into existing systems.

Weifield just won the contract on the PA water treatment facility. The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Curtis M. (Weifield RM Key Account Manager/Industrial VP), Tyler H. (Weifield RM Estimator) and different people from EPA and Colorado Senator Michael Bennett.  The groundbreaking ceremony was also shown on Denver’s local Channel 9 News: https://www.9news.com/video/news/health/73-8a19e4cb-8ca5-4ba3-bc11-20aa5255ec5b

Weifield is excited to be a part of this impressive Industrial project!





















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