Kudos to our Rocky Mountain February, 2022 Employee of the Month — Louis S., Weifield IT Business Systems Analyst!

The February, 2022 Employee of the Month round focused on identifying teammates in our company who best represent the ‘A’ (Advance Process) value in our PACT.

Louis was nominated by Jeff H. (Weifield Superintendent), Sara H. (Business Development Manager) and Jill F. (Weifield Director of Marketing & Communications), who said the following:

From Jeff: “During the last few months, all the improvements that have been made and the support for our Sharepoint transition has been phenomenal…..I can’t imagine how the transition to new systems could have been more well-handled.”

From Sara: “Louis has worked very hard on getting our perform work team up and running on the Share Point site. He is an advocate for advanced processes companywide by presenting new solutions to problems he uncovers and helps everyone to be cutting edge in technology. He is dedicated to his co-workers and helps them whenever he can.”

From Jill: “Louis is taking on the WeiShare (Sharepoint) integration with proactiveness and agility – he was instrumental in getting Operations online and has worked with me to develop many short training videos for teams so that they can build out their core processes folders and develop their team pages on WeiShare quickly and effectively. Every step of the way, Louis is there to assist with whatever is needed to launch WeiShare well – and I so appreciate his efforts! He is highly deserving of the ‘A’ Employee of the Month recognition.”

Louis is being awarded a $100 gift card and will be featured in Weifield’s online communications.

Thank you for all you do and for representing the ‘A’ in Weifield’s PACT, Louis — congratulations!

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