The Flintco Fishing Tournament charity event was held in Galveston, Texas on Friday, September 30th!

Weifield’s graciously sponsored boat consisted of Steve Elkanger (President, Flintco) and Matt Middleton (Precon VP, Flintco) and Colby F. (Weifield Rocky Mountain Director of Southern Colorado). There were 35 three-man teams fishing in the tournament. This worthwhile tournament raised $20,000 for “Target Hunger” which helps families with food insecurities (in 2021 they sent out the equivalent of 1.3 million meals!) and $20,000 for “Vita Living” which helps people with intellectual and development difficulties (they have 20 group homes in the Houston area and do case management in seven counties in the area).

A great time was had by all supporting these worthwhile charities and networking with our community!

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