Weifield held an annual Halloween Costume Contest for all regions on Tuesday, October 31st – it was Spooktacular!  1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes were awarded to the creative Trick-Or-Treaters.

Amazing costumes, all!

Below are winners from the various Weifield regions:

Rocky Mountain Halloween Costume Contest Winners

1st Place: ‘Weird Barbie’ (Centennial) – Jill F.

2nd Place: ‘Thing 1 and Thing 2’ (Centennial) – Vicki L., Stacy D.

Tied for 3rd Place: ‘Cat Lady’ (Centennial) and ‘Star Wars’ (Longmont Price Park Tank Jobsite) – Connie M. and Zach M. (Night’s Watch Mandalorian), Christian D. (X Wing Pilot), Max S. (Sith Trooper), Dillon F. (Boba Fett)

Other Rocky Mountain Halloween Costume Contest Participants

‘Starbucks Worker’ – Clark B. (Centennial)

‘Race Car Driver’ – Amanda M. (Centennial)

‘Day of the DEAD’ (‘Dia’ de Los Mertos’) – Arnie T. (Centennial)

‘Cow’ – Jordan M. (Centennial)

‘Circus Ringleader’ – Aldo G. (Centennial)

‘Shark’ – Kaylie B. (Loveland)

‘Escaped Inmate’ – Josh P. (Bronco Billy Jobsite)

‘Villian Shredder’ – Mario B. (Kimball Hospital Jobsite)


Tennessee Halloween Costume Contest Winners

1st Place: ‘Michael Meyers’ – Josh M.

2nd Place: ‘Among Us Online Multiplayer Character’ – Radley W.

3rd Place: ‘American Eagle’ – CJ W.


Texas Halloween Costume Contest Winners

1st Place: ‘Gabriela’ – Gabriel S.

2nd Place: ‘Jesus’ – Triet L.

3rd Place: Mike Myers’ – Mark G.

Other Texas Halloween Costume Contest Participants

‘Harry Potter’ – Paul M.

“Lego Joker” – Brandon H.

“Samurai” – Matthew P.

“Thugs/Hip Hop” – Payson S. and Garrette W.


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