Proud to announce that our Weifield Texas team has received not one, but *two* ‘Nobody Gets Hurt’ recognitions in January, 2023 from Harvey-Cleary, valued GC partner–for exemplary safety performance on our VRBO Phase 2 Restart project in Austin, TX!

The first recognition given by Harvey-Cleary on January 20th was for Bryon M. (Weifield Texas Field Supervisor) and his entire crew and the second, given January 31st, specifically recognized the safety performance of team members Carlos G. (Weifield Texas Journeyman), Miguel Ca. (Weifield Texas Journeyman), and Fabian O. (Weifield Texas Apprentice).

Harvey-Cleary encourages its workforce, partners, and their families to share in the importance of continued safety and reinforcing their slogan, “Nobody Gets Hurt.”

Said the Harvey-Cleary Management Team: “We congratulate and thank Bryon and crew very much for the importance shown and the contributions to safety and the culture that we promote. Safe work efforts are of vital importance to all of the families and employers involved.”

OUTSTANDING work, VRBO team — we are proud of your excellence and dedication to the highest standards of safety on this project!

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