Weifield Industrial General Superintendent, Scott D., found out that Chris W., Weifield Superintendent, was going to be in Greeley, Colorado, doing some coaching as a volunteer.

At the time, Scott didn’t know what the event was for in Greeley or in what capacity Chris was volunteering – but he wanted to go and show his support for Chris.

Said Scott: “I literally had no idea what I was getting into. Chris W. is a power lifting trainer, but what I didn’t know was that he also volunteers at his gym to coach persons with intellectual disabilities who compete for the Special Olympics. Chris told me while I was there, ‘I get way more back than I give.’

I have always heard different analogies about people like ‘never judge a man, unless you walked a mile in his shoes’ — but I truthfully have never been more moved by taking a small glimpse into Chris’s life. The very same charisma and passion that Chris brings every day to his projects, he brought to his volunteer coaching role. He certainly has inspired me in the past, but I am not certain that I have witnessed anything that moved me more that witnessing the special connection Chris had with the individuals he coaches.”

Truly no better example of what Weifield’s team strives to achieve in the community, than this — thank you to Scott for sharing the story…..and a huge KUDOS to Chris for demonstrating the best of our values, personally and professionally! We are honored to have you on our team!



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