Weifield is excited to congratulate our co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer, Karla Nugent, on her recent three-year appointment to the Colorado Workforce Development Council as a Business Executive! Karla’s appointment was officially authorized by Governor Jared Polis via an October 12, 2020 executive order.

Karla is passionate about job skills development and education and has served as a workforce advocate from the very beginning of starting Weifield in 2001.  A true believer in the power of a job, Karla enjoys connecting employer resources to community groups and non-profits that serve our most vulnerable and overlooked within our community. Past workforce development initiatives Karla has helped to lead include:

– Creating a pre-apprenticeship development program at Weifield to provide a career path to connect with less fortunate, under-served workers supporting participants of Stout Street Foundation, Peer 1 Residential Program, Goodwill Industries International, Denver Rescue Mission, and more

– Serving as a founding member of the Executive Board of SkillBuild Colorado, a three-year funding collaborative established via the National Workforce Fund to create systemic change and create jobs and career advancement opportunities for low-skilled workers

– One of the founders of the Skills2Compete Colorado initiative, which identified the need and training for middle-skilled jobs that represent over 50% of the Colorado jobs market

– Involvement in numerous other capacities and organizations to establish vital connections to benefit her industry, including Denver Institute of Work, Goodwill Industries’ Workforce Initiatives program, Emily Griffith Technical College Executive Council, and more

We are excited to see how Karla will continue to make a difference for a better Colorado in her new appointment – PROUD of you, Karla, and thank you for all you do!

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