Rocky Mountain Christian Church (RMCC), in Niwot, CO, holds a Leadership Roundtable three times a year, designed to equip leaders in the business community to lead their companies well.

At the Leadership Roundtable on Saturday, Karla Nugent and other presenters covered myriad topics around becoming a healthy leader and developing internal cultures in which people and organizations can thrive. Pictured in the first photo is Karla with Adam Robinson/CFP from Seven-Wealth, and the second picture features Karla with Shan Moyers, Lead RMCC Pastor, Nic Carver, Worship Pastor, Adam Robinson, and Amanda Carver, Owner of Curated Goods.

This event was yet another example of how Weifield devotes time and energy to the ‘C’ and ‘T’ in our PACT: Community and Trusting Relationships!

Photo 1 – Karla pictured with Adam Robinson/CFP Seven-Wealth Niwot, CO

Photo 3 – Karla pictured with Shan Moyers/Lead Pastor, Nic Carver/Worship Pastor, Adam Robinson, Amanda Carver/Owner Curated Goods

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