Weifield’s Safety team has received a couple of recent glowing compliments that we wanted to share..

KUDO #1: From GC Partner, Flintco, LLC

Our client, Dave Kenney, Construction Director at Flintco on our Littleton Adventist Hospital project, was encouraged by our safety training and procedures — as demonstrated by a Weifield employee of the project.

Said Dave: “I wanted to let you know that while performing a site safety observation at the project today, I was able to take some time and interview the Weifield Group employees and discuss their pre-task planning /job hazard analysis (JHA) for the day. Your employee, Alonzo Gonzales, was well informed and took the time to explain his activities , hazards associated with the tasks, and what the mitigations were for those hazards. Alonzo’s explanation reflects what is on today’s JHA plan.  I appreciated your team’s attitude during my visit and the follow up to requests for additional information.  I also like hearing that if your task changes during the day, that you go in and update the pre-task plan. This is often a point of failure leading to incidents on jobs when folks don’t do that. Again, the encouraging piece was Alonzo’s ability to relay the info on the pre-task plan; this definitely proved his involvement with the pre-task plan and JHA prior to start of work. Overall, it was a good inspection for Weifield Group. Thanks for everything you are doing!”

KUDO #2: From Ryan Neuenberger, Weifield Foreman

The following email was sent by Ryan to Brad Boswell, Safety Manager –shortly after Brad did a First Aid/CPR training on his site.


I wanted to share with you some events that happened today where our guys used the training that they received just recently from you.

Around 1:30 PM today, one of our team members, Robert McNees, came across a member of the GC’s crew who was shaking, didn’t feel good, was not very aware of his surroundings, and had trouble communicating. Robert called out to another member of our team, Sam Marshall, and Sam rushed over to help. Robert made sure to get the affected gentleman, Paul, sitting in a safe location, and Sam went to get one of the facility’s staff to call 911. After directing the lady to call, Sam radioed me to let me know what was going on so that I could ensure that all appropriate parties where notified. Sam and Robert’s quick action potentially saved a man’s life today. The gentleman has been rushed to the hospital and hopefully will be all right.

[Note: After receiving this email, Brad visited the site and thanked Ryan, Robert, and Sam in front of the crew–  and gave them a gift card.]

These stories are just two of the many examples of Weifield’s safety excellence – we have our leader, Brad, to thank for our preparedness as well as our entire TEAM for absorbing the trainings and putting them into action! Kudos to ALL for living our values, practicing diligent safety, and leading via the Weifield Way!

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