The Weifield Texas team was excited to attend the Mobile Loaves & Fishes Community Build ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 12th – where the tiny home that was built by a team including Beck Architecture and Weifield!

In attendance at the ceremony were Zach A. – Texas Superintendent, Zach C. – Business Development Director, Fred Perpall – Beck CEO, Ryan Therrell – CTX Director, Humberto Trevino – Beck Foundation Mexico Chair, and other members of Beck Architecture and the building team.

Weifield received recognition by Beck for our commitment to our community, philanthropy focus, and wiliness to partner with Beck Group on this community project – which reinforced Weifield’s core values of community and trusting relationships.

There will be walkthroughs and interviews today by Mobile Loaves and Fishes to immediately house someone in need, in this specific house. Weifield Texas also wanted to acknowledge Zach A., in particular:

“Zach has only been in Texas a little over a year, and for him to be involved in giving back to our community within that short timeframe shows how amazing and committed he is,” said Calogero. “He receives the highest praise from our Texas team!”

We are grateful for the continued support of our GC partners as well as the ability to provide for those in need!

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