Congratulations to our 17 Wewatta (17W) project team for being named Weifield’s September, 2016 Crew of the Month!

The 17W project with Holland Construction (General Contractor), led by Weifield Project Manager, Dustin Tafoya, and Superintendent, Nick Bull, includes three 13-story towers that house retail space, amenities, parking levels and residential apartments. The project started in September, 2014 and is expected to complete in April, 2017.

Our 17W crew members include: Nick Bull (Superintendent), Todd Wheeler (Foreman), David Holder (Foreman), Chris Anderson, Erich Bernhardt, Chris Bombard, Kenesaw Burwell, Kyle Callies, Pedro Calzada, Sean Christle, Michael Clinkinbeard, Nathaniel Estrada, Brandon Flater, Allan Fredriksson, Izac Garcia, Nathan Gingrich, David Glenn, Mark Grady, Laurent Grosjean, Lauren Gurule, Darren Lange, Eldar Karokotov, Dillon Lee, Fred Lopez, Dennis Maksimov, Jay Malmin, Brandon Masterson, Jeffery Masterson, Tyler Mesta, Justin Miles, Eric Miracle, Wayne Moore, Mark O’Dorisio, Jose Padilla, William Pauni, Chris Perryman, Chad Petty, Dimas Ramirez, Sean Reyes, Bruce Robbins, Charles Sharkey, Josh Smith, Chad Sothman, , Kendall Strand, Dale Tinnes, Michael Vigil, and Abe Young.

Congratulations to the entire 17W crew for a job well done!!

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