Congratulations to Weifield’s May, 2019 Employee of the MonthSteve Wehrle!

The May, 2019 Employee of the Month round sought nominations for those Weifield employees who are productivity ‘rock stars’ — Steve was nominated by Bret Weimer, PM at his Monarch Casino project, who said the following:

“Steve is beyond a rock star for us up at Monarch and has made Weifield look like the exceptional contractor we are. He has been heading up the mechanical rooms and has been able to get us in a spot on the project where we are ‘driving the bus.’ Steve strives day in and day out to be productive along with taking pride in his work while holding Weifield values at the same time.We are excited for his future in the company!”

As the winning employee, Steve was awarded a $100 gift card and will be featured in Weifield’s newsletter and on Facebook.

Proud of you, Steve – congratulations!!

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