​​​​​​​Kudos to our Large Construction division’s Bronco Billy team for being named Weifield’s April, 2023 Rocky Mountain Crew of the Month!

The Bronco Billy Hotel and Casino project with Hensel Phelps in Denver, CO is comprised of a new conference center and casino with a 300+ room four-star hotel, spa, pool, and dining facilities, along with a four-story parking garage. The total project square footage is 400,000 sq. ft. The project was originally contemplated with completion of the four-story parking garage as an early phase while the hotel and other amenities were planned for later construction. Early demo work was completed for the garage until it was halted by Covid-19; the MEP trade partners will now complete the entire design and construction of the entire facility.

The project is led by Mike S. (Project Manager), Taylor H. (Superintendent), Nate D. (Superintendent) and Daniel S. (Estimator). Weifield’s Bronco Billy team members include: Caleb A. (Apprentice), Shawn A. (Apprentice), Skylor B. (Apprentice), Ahmed B. (Apprentice), Jeff B. (Foreman), Luther B. (Foreman), Tyler B. (Apprentice), Alex C. (Apprentice), Caleb C. (Apprentice), Lonnie D. (RTT), Tyler D. (Apprentice), Rolf E. (RTT), Andrew F. (Apprentice), Aaron F. (Apprentice), Mansour G. (Apprentice), Steven H. (Foreman), Andrew H. (Journeyman), Kyle H. (Apprentice), Richard J. (RTT), Kayden K. (Apprentice), Zhakary L. (Apprentice), Robert M. (Foreman), Tony M. (Journeyman), James M. (Journeyman), Nico M. (Apprentice), Edward M. (Apprentice), Chris P. (Apprentice), Wesley R. (Apprentice), Dylan R. (Journeyman), Reagan R. (Apprentice), Rogelio S. (RTT), Jacob S. (Service Technician), Kalvin S. (Apprentice), Bill S. (Journeyman), Brennen W. (Apprentice), Dalton W. (Apprentice) and Daniel W. (Foreman).

Per Mike: “The team of the Bronco Billy’s (Chamonix Casino Hotel) Project, located in Cripple Creek, has done a fantastic job in keeping this project moving forward, while facing the many challenges that come with building a large complex project in the mountains of Colorado. The team has remained motivated, professional, and eager to learn throughout many of the major design changes that have taken place on this new Casino Hotel build. In addition, they have been recognized by Hensel Phelps for site safety through HP’s Craft Awareness and Recognition in Safety Award. We appreciate all the effort and hard work the BBHC Team has done, and is doing, to make this project successful. Thanks Team!”

Congratulations to our outstanding BRONCO BILLY TEAM for this well-deserved recognition!

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