Weifield held the latest Rocky Mountain Foreman 40 Hour Classes at the Centennial office each Thursday starting October 6th through November 2nd!

Weifield trainers were Val S. (Weifield RM Head of Training and Development) and Dale T. (Weifield RM Site Safety Manager) and presenters were Marty G. (Weifield RM Contracts Manager), Arnie T. (Weifield RM Purchasing Manager), Josh B. (Weifield RM Safety Manager), Nicole K. (Weifield RM Health and Safety Administrator), John M. (Weifield RM Tool Manager), Vicki L. (Weifield RM Senior HR Generalist) and Stacey D. (Weifield RM HR Generalist).

Completing all five classes on November 2nd were:

Steve B.
Brad E.
Mitchell F.
Kevin F.
Josh G.
Bill H.
Chris P.
Jesse R.
Mathew S.
Justin S.
James W.

The below pictures are from the final two classes, with Marty, Arnie and Safety presenting Contract/Documentation, Material/Purchasing and Safety Topics/Documentation, respectively. Weifield owners, Pete Farreny and James Selecky, also addressed the class at the end to close out the training sessions. Overall, the class was a success and was well received!

From Steve B.: “Good morning, Pete/James. I wanted to reach out and thank you for putting on the Foreman 40 Hour Class. I really appreciate working for a contractor that is willing to invest so much time and effort into its employees. Weifield is the 6th contractor I’ve worked for in the last 22 years, and the first contractor I’ve felt like truly cares about its people. The foreman class was very beneficial in learning what goes into running work from the office’s perspective. Something that is normally not shared by other contractors. Hearing from all the departments was immensely helpful. I think Arnie and the Sage training was the biggest benefit on a day-to-day basis. This was my first-time meeting Val, and I have to say he did a great job teaching the class. Val made the curriculum relatable to what we do daily. Val and Dale had some great stories that helped tie the curriculum into everyday aspects of what we do in the field. I look forward to trainings in the future with Val and Dale. My only suggestion for future classes is, maybe having two levels of the Foreman 40 Hour Class. One for inexperienced foreman that focuses more on the soft skills of talking to people. And one for experienced foreman that goes more in depth on the processes. I’m not sure if this feasible or not. Again, thank you for putting on the class.”

Thanks to all the trainers and presenters – it was a great to see the attendance!

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