Congratulations to Weifield’s CO/WY September, 2021 Employee of the Month — Michael Fitzpatrick, Weifield Apprentice!

The September, 2021 Employee of the Month round focused on identifying teammates in our company who best represent the ‘P’ (People) value in our PACT.

Michael was nominated by Weifield Foreman, Opie Culp, who said the following:

From Opie: “I would like to nominate Michael Fitzpatrick.  Today, August 25th 2021, just a few minutes ago, I witnessed exemplary conduct on the part of one of our team members.  Michael Fitzpatrick was retrieving a tool from the Material/Tool Connex at the Rose Perinatal jobsite.  The material connex is located approximately half a block from the Hospital.  While returning to the jobsite, Michael witnessed a member of the general public, an elderly woman, fall to the ground after tripping over a curb.  The woman injured herself and was bleeding from her lower leg and shin area.  The injury was significant enough to warrant more attention than “it’s just a scratch”.  Michael immediately set aside his work duties to render aid to this woman.  Although the woman insisted that she was fit, and did not want to visit the Emergency Room, she did need some assistance.  He ran to the Office trailer and procured water and supplies to allow the woman to tend to, and temporarily dress her own wound.  Michael provided this woman with the assistance she needed to control bleeding that had reached the ground, without a moment’s hesitation.  Michael provided support to this woman in her moment of need, and consistent with her level of comfortability.  She declined medical attention and was insistent on addressing the wound herself.  The woman was subsequently able to leave the scene in the company of a friend who was with her, and was appreciative of the assistance rendered in the moment by our teammate, Michael.  This is a wonderful example of the kind of person we are fortunate to have working for our Company.  Michael is a conscientious individual and should be lauded for his immediate decision-making in assisting this member of the public, and embodying one of the values that we hold dear at the Weifield Group.  I have briefed our GC, JE Dunn, on the particulars of this encounter and have received feedback that they will be echoing my congratulations to Michael, if only on a jobsite level, at the next Stand-up Meeting.  They agree that these good news instances are far underrepresented in our professional dialogue and deserve more attention.  I believe that this instance satisfies our Core Value as we have solidified a common goal with our GC, and committed to recognizing the actions of one of our own.”

Michael is being awarded a $100 gift card and will be featured in Weifield’s online communications.

Kudos to Michael and thank you for all you do and for representing the ‘P’ in Weifield’s PACT!

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