Weifield’s Connection events are held multiple times per year in different offices and regions. The purpose is to provide a casual format where employees in a specific region can gather together and with Weifield managers to discuss the latest company initiatives — and to share feedback in-person as to what’s going well or what needs improvement within the company.

Our Northern Colorado (NOCO) Connection event was held on February 21st; it was a great success, with members of the Leadership team present along with many Rocky Mountain field & office team members.

Feedback – What is Working:

The Connection event participants mentioned several positive things happening within Weifield – that also align with our PACT, including: feeling supported as a female in the field, commitment to process for consistency, everyone has a voice, access to ownership, community focus, good career pathing opportunities, safety culture, industry leadership, team members are willing to help, and more.

Betterment Ideas:

Betterment ideas included improving the onboarding process, ensuring people know who to go to for certain subgroups within Weifield and for troubleshooting systems, tools suggestions, clarity needed for certain HR processes such as raises, online resources for electrical questions/troubleshooting, better processes to keep ahead of staffing, and more.

The remaining 2024 Connection Events will be held July 24, 2024 at the Texas office, and November 13, 2024 at the Tennessee office. Thank you to all of our team members for contributing your input at these events to improve the company, for all – we appreciate you!


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