Weifield is excited to have recently formed a partnership with T.A.C.T., an organization committed to teaching the trades to individuals in the autism community. In 2020, the CDC reported that approximately 1 in 54 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD); T.A.C.T. was founded in 2016 by parents inspired by both the strengths and challenges unique to their children.

The autism community is the highest unemployment sector in the country at 90%.  T.A.C.T.’s programs lead to employable jobs and lasting careers.  However, T.A.C.T.’s goal isn’t just to get a job.  It’s getting the right job – in the right place that is personally fulfilling to each student based on their strengths.  T.A.C.T. is the first and only available trade program for individuals with autism.  Their students learn so much more than just a trade – they find their purpose.

Weifield has already begun working with T.A.C.T., showing them the tasks in our prefabrication division on the T.A.C.T. site. T.A.C.T. students in the program then have a working interview to show what they have learned; if everything checks out, they then have the opportunity to follow Weifield’s normal onboarding process from there. A  TACT coach then works with them for the first two weeks to acclimate to our warehouse.  Weifield has already had two candidates that have learned our processes and should be scheduling a working interview this week.

James Selecky, Weifield founding partner and Construction Executive, initiated Weifield into this very worthwhile, caring outreach program.  Our goals are to hire a steady staff for the warehouse while supporting our community; we are grateful for James recommending this extraordinary organization and Weifield’s involvement.

From Danny Combs, President and Founder of T.A.C.T.: “”T.AC.T. is a non-profit that supports the strengths of the autism community through education and employment in the skilled trades. At T.AC.T., we are beyond delighted that Weifield recognizes the value of an inclusive workforce and has hired our young men and women with autism because of their talents and contributions they bring with them.”

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