A big kudo to our Texas June, 2020 Employee of the Month — Robert Peterson!

The June, 2020 TX Employee of the Month also focused on identifying leaders from the front lines who have led their projects successfully despite the obstacles.

Robert was a Colorado Weifield employee that decided to transfer to Weifield Texas in April 2019.  Robert (Electrician) worked on the Ripple project in Temple, TX and was nominated by Weifield Texas Superintendent, Garrett King, who said the following:

From Garrett: “Robert is a person that puts his head down every day and puts in work. He surprises me on his speed and likes to get the work done that he is doing as fast as possible. He’s someone that you can rely on to be at work on time and to meet goals and deadlines set higher than expected. We need more workers like him. I have enjoyed being able to have him work on some of the projects that I have helped out with and I could not ask for more out of him.”

Robert is being awarded a $100 gift card and will be featured in Weifield’s online communications.

Thank you for helping make Weifield great, Robert — congratulations!

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