Weifield Chief Business Development Officer, Karla Nugent, was invited to present at a THRIVE Intentional Employer Lunch & Learn event on February 7th – where owners of Colorado businesses shared their best practices related to hiring individuals transitioning from incarceration. The Department of Corrections also shared information about a new reentry program and benefits to employers hiring returning citizens.

Thrive is an employment support program that helps people overcome barriers and work their way to self-sufficiency and stability through employment. Thrive offers a holistic approach to healing brokenness and eliminating poverty through relationships, employment support services, and skills development. Thrive members build confidence and develop the tools they need to establish a work history, stay in a job, improve their income, and advance to economic self-sufficiency.

Karla Nugent is co-founder of Weifield Electrical Contracting – our company that not only caters to its customers, but it also gives at-risk youth and adults a chance to get back on their feet with a job.

She says that no one is perfect, but that our business focuses on workers’ future rather than their past.

“I think it’s how I am wired! It’s part of my faith. None of us are perfect. We’ve all made choices in the past that we look back in the past and say I would have done that differently,” Nugent said. “So, I think we are always looking forward and looking for the best in people and believing in them. We want to build a place where people care about each other and it’s a community that no matter what has happened in the past we can move through that and get to a better place,” she explained.

Featured in the photo, below, are Rich Hoops – Co-Founder of THRIVE / Impact HUB Boulder, Nugent, and Christopher Conway, owner of Springback Mattress Company.

‘Community’ is one of the four main tenets of Weifield’s business – and so, you could say we are ‘wired to help!’ Excited to share our success stories at this inspiring event! 

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