The Denver Water Operations Complex Redevelopment Project was a five-year endeavor driven by Denver Water’s need to upgrade certain outdated portions of its 34-acre campus to provide a safe, efficient headquarters with improved functionality, flexibility, and a public presence (water utility operations have been located on this site since 1881).

Weifield encountered many unforeseen challenges and successes throughout two main phases:

  • Phase 1 (Begun in Late 2015): Involved the construction of Operations buildings on the campus’s south side –Weifield built the entire medium voltage/fiber infrastructure and Central Utility Plant while the Meter, Fleet, Trades and Warehouse buildings were built, simultaneously. We also executed a portion of the campus site lighting.
  • Phase 2 (Begun in February, 2018): Involved construction of the Administration and Wellness buildings, parking garage, and renovation of a 100-year old former pump house on the north side; Weifield built the Administration building on the occupied campus and installed the remainder of the site lighting.

Trusted partner Mark Zappanti of IMEG Corporation had this to say about our performance: “Weifield’s expertise in medium voltage design and installation was instrumental in helping to execute this piece of the project successfully. Whenever we would collaborate, Weifield would already have a potential solution in mind so we could quickly move past the obstacle and accomplish the goal. Proactiveness and communication were key to this project – and Weifield delivered.”

Because of our performance on this project, Weifield won several notable recognitions — our superintendent, Chad Edens, won Mortenson Construction’s highest partner award for the efforts he and his team demonstrated on this project – and Weifield also won two recent 2020 IECRM Summit Awards for our performance on this project, including the ‘Highest Peak’ award for the overall winning project out of all submitted projects.

A huge THANK YOU, Denver Water team, for creating trust and partnership on this project and creating yet another happy Weifield client!

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