Congratulations to our CO/WY October, 2020 Employee of the Month — Jesse Reymann, Weifield Foreman!

This month’s round focused on identifying Weifeld’s ‘leaders from the front lines’ — celebrating an amazing leader who is demonstrating unparalleled leadership and focus during these times of uncertainty.

Jesse was nominated by Superintendent, Brad Chapman, who said the following:

“Jesse is extremely deserving of the award. He has one of the best attitudes on site and is more than willing to do anything that is asked of him. Not only is he a pleasure to have him work for us, his crew loves him and they all work extremely hard for him; he always finds a way to make his crew successful and puts people in positions that they will excel. He has rewarded members of his crew out of his own pocket multiple times to show his crew how much he appreciates them (bought a Home Depot gift card for someone buying a new house, donated cash to coworker who was out sick for a couple weeks, and offered his time to help someone fix their car so he could get to work).  We have worked with Jesse for over 6 months out and every day he impresses us; his crew is the most productive crew on the project and they do not leave any loose ends; taking work to completion with the highest of quality and safety.  He has even taken a couple apprentices under his wing and really started to mentor them to help mold them into not only great electricians but great leaders as well. Simply put, he wants it, he gets it, and has the capacity to do it.”

As the winning employee, Jesse is being awarded a $100 gift card and will be featured in Weifield’s internal and online communications.

Kudos to you, Jesse, for this well-deserved recognition!

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