Kudos to our Centennial Prefabrication/Warehouse and HR teams for being named Weifield’s December, 2023 Rocky Mountain Crews of the Month!

Weifield’s Crews of the Month are selected based on several evaluation factors, including meeting or exceeding schedule and budget, client satisfaction, team morale, productivity metrics, and more.

Prefabrication: Led by Rob M. (Prefab Manager), Randy M. (Prefab Shop Supervisor) and Jeff H. (Superintendent), the Weifield Prefab/Warehouse team members include: Kenyon A. (Apprentice), Dominic C. (Mechanical Assembler P/T), Luis E. (Equipment & Material Driver), Tierra F. (Mechanical Assembler), Cameron F. (Warehouse Clerk), Randy G. (Building Maintenance Tech), Ethan G. (Mechanical Assembler), Evan H. (Warehouse Assistant P/T), Hannah K. (Apprentice), Armando L. (Apprentice), Dave L. (Tool Coordinator), John M. (Tool Manager), Daniel M. (Apprentice), Adonis N. (Mechanical Assembler P/T), Tyler O’. (Mechanical Assembler), Colton P. (Mechanical Assembler), Duke R. (Mechanical Assembler P/T), Fernando R. (Equipment & Material Driver), Kyle S. (Mechanical Assembler), Colton S. (Warehouse Assistant P/T), Sailor S. (Apprentice), Michael T. (Apprentice), Mauricio Y. (Equipment & Material Driver) and Arizona Y. (Mechanical Assembler).

Per James Selecky, Construction Executive/Founder: “Prefab hit all the deliverables that were asked of them as Weifield completed some aggressive projects in December, 2023.”

Per Rob: “I am constantly impressed with the hard work and dedication that this team brings to work every single day.”

Led by Kelly B. (Chief People Officer), the Weifield Human Resources team members include Vicki L. (Senior HR Generalist), Stacy D. (HR Generalist), Isabelle Z. (HR Generalist) and Denise M. (Front Desk Coordinator).

Per Karla Nugent, Chief Revenue Officer/Owner: “Kudos to our HR team! They have lifted a big task of recruiting, hiring, and training employees to support our growth in all regions while building trusted relationships within the company to meet the needs of our people.”

Per Kelly: “Our HR team is committed to streamlining our processes in order to make things easier and efficient for everyone. Weifield was able to grow as a company by 32% last year while the simultaneously reducing our HR headcount by 17%.  I’m proud of the trusted relationships that have been developed so far and I’m excited to see what the HR team can do next to make working at Weifield a great experience for our people.”

Great job on your exceptional performance, Weifield Prefab/Warehouse and Human Resources teams!

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