Kudos to our Large Construction division’s Dollar General team for being named Weifield’s July, 2023 Rocky Mountain Crew of the Month!

The Dollar General project with Mortenson Construction in Aurora, CO is a design-build 919,000 GSF distribution center with a separate trailer maintenance area.

The project is led by Ginny H. (Project Manager), Lance F. (Field Supervisor), Brian M. (Director of Operations) and Quincy D. (Estimator). Weifield’s Dollar General team members include: Daniel A. (RTT), Aaron B. (Apprentice), Conner B. (RTT), Shadow B. (Apprentice), Austin D. (Apprentice), Cruz D. (Foreman), Bishop D. (Apprentice), Alex G. (Apprentice), Luke J. (RTT), Javin L. (Apprentice), Eric M. (Apprentice), Rashin P. (Journeyman), Brandon R. (Apprentice), Lusvin R. (RTT), Damian S. (Apprentice), Miranda S. (Apprentice), Christopher S. (Apprentice), Colton S. (Apprentice) and Miles W. (Apprentice).

Per Brian: “Dollar General continues meet or exceed the schedule, has excelled in meeting higher safety standards, and continues to build the trusting relationship with clients. Being proactive and responsive to the challenges that mother nature has provided this season. I would like to take this time to acknowledge all the efforts that have been put in thus far to make this project a successful one currently with plans to pull things forward and get to the finish line ahead of expectations.”

Kudos to our outstanding Dollar General team for this well-deserved recognition!

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