Congratulations to our Industrial division’s Cherokee Metro District team for being named Weifield’s September, 2022 Rocky Mountain Crew of the Month!

The Cherokee Metro District project with Garney Construction (GC) in Colorado Springs, CO is comprised of a new headworks building, chemical building, filter building, and modifications of two existing SBR Basins into continuous flow Bioreactor trains. The filter building will also include a Hollow Fiber MBR system and a High Recovery RO system. The integration of a new 480V 2500A switchboard for distribution of these facilities will be included along with medium voltage equipment and cabling to deliver power to an existing 2000kW generator.

The project is led by Daniel C. (Project Manager), Mike B. (Field Supervisor), Marc C., Jeremy D. (Foremen) and Tyler H. (Estimator); Weifield’s Cherokee Metro District team members include: Caleb C. (Apprentice), Ian C. (Apprentice), Rolf E. (RTT), Chase J. (Apprentice), Nico M. (Apprentice), Chris P. (Apprentice), Garrette P. (RTT) and Tristan P. (Journeyman).

Per Daniel: “I would like to point out that many of the men came from Commercial and they have all stepped up to the plate to learn our Industrial type of work. They all have furthered their own electrical knowledge as well and keeps the Weifield name at the forefront as the best in the industry. Their dedication to learning and build has been consistent and at a high level. The teamwork and professionalism of the crews on site, from top to bottom, has created opportunities for our company with the GC as well as directly with the owner.”

Kudos to our outstanding TEAM for this well-deserved recognition!​​​​​​​

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