As our body’s fuel, food provides us with the energy, nutrients, minerals and vitamins we need to have productive days, functioning minds, and healthy bodies. However, eating healthy can be challenging, especially for construction workers who work long hours and who may not have the energy to cook dinner – let alone make breakfast and lunch – every day.  Here are some tips and tricks for healthy eating for construction workers.

Focus on Foods that Fill You Up

Foods that fill you will keep you energized throughout the entire day, so high protein foods and healthy carbs are great to keep you full all day long.

High-fiber and protein-packed foods take longer to digest, making you feel full for longer. This slow breakdown of food also helps to feed your body a steady stream of energy, giving you the power to be productive all day long.

Filling Food Ideas: Oatmeal, bran cereal, almond butter on brown toast, eggs, berries and yogurt are healthy breakfast foods that are jam-packed full of protein and fiber.

Stress-Free Cooking

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to meal prep for construction workers is the time it takes to cook each day. Construction workers work long hours and are tired when they get home. Stress-free cooking and easy meals can help you feel up for the challenge.

Find a meal or recipe that you enjoy making or that you can make a lot of; if cooking every day adds to your stress, then cooking one big meal every few days is a great option. YouTube and Pinterest are two great tools for learning new recipes and gaining inspiration for your meals.

Stress-Free Food Ideas: Pasta is great because you can add protein and plenty of veggies to it and it is quick and easy to make; pasta can also be eaten hot or cold. Casseroles, stir fry, grilled or baked veggies and BBQ are all great meals that can be portioned out and organized for an entire week (sure, it may take an hour or two to prep once a week but then you’re all ready to go). If you really love making pie, try a meat pie or veggie quiche. If you focus on cooking things you enjoy, then meal prep will be so much easier.

Healthy Snacks

If planning healthy lunches every day seems daunting, try incorporating little changes by substituting foods with healthier snacks. Having healthy snacks on hand is great for eating better, too. You can grab a handful of nuts or something else that’s easily accessible instead of letting your cravings build up. Fueling your body throughout the day is a great way to maintain energy levels and avoid any type of afternoon crash.  

Healthy Snack Ideas: Swap out chips for grapes – or keep a giant bag of almonds in your truck for a quick and healthy snack. Replace the lunchtime soda with water. White bread can be swapped with whole wheat; choose lean meats and low-sugar spreads for sandwiches. Make sure to include veggies like baby carrots, cucumber, broccoli or celery with each meal.

These small changes add up to the overall health value of your meals. 

Find a Lunch Buddy

A tip for having healthy lunches each day is to partner up with a good friend on the job. Take turns bringing in lunch for the both of you. That way, you’re cutting your meal prep days in half and you’re kept accountable for the food you bring in. 

Partnering with a lunch buddy for healthy choices is also helpful for emotional support. It can be tiring to swap out homemade for store-bought all the time. If you’re in it together, then you have someone to turn to for inspiration. 

Healthy Eating for Construction Workers

Nutrition is so important for construction workers. The job is physical and laborers need the energy to be successful each day. Take pride in the food you use to fuel your body. While eating healthy can seem daunting and tiring, these few tips and tricks can help you make easy changes to your eating habits. 

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