On Tuesday, March 14th, Weifield Texas Project Manager, Matthew P., set up a more than successful zipper lunch alongside our partners at Harvey-Cleary (GC) where they enjoyed world famous BBQ located at Terry Black’s in Austin, Texas. Also attending was Zachary C. (Weifield Texas Business Development Director), Jesus S. (Weifield Texas Superintendent), Raymond N. (Weifield Texas Project Engineer) and Ivan M. (Weifield Texas Site Safety Manager).

This was specifically for our Curative project that is also leading into the Zynga project, both with Harvey-Cleary.

It was worth mentioning that Jesus S. received some of the highest praise from Harvey-Cleary’s onsite project team and would like him on their special projects moving forward.

Great job to Matthew, Jesus, and the entire Curative project team!

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