On the morning of Friday, March 12, 2021, Weifield Texas employees volunteered at the Central Texas Food Bank in Austin, Texas, where they worked in the warehouse sorting and prepping food.

When the Central Texas Food Bank was established in 1982, it was with a goal in mind to help the hungry in the community. Over the years, the weak economy has increased challenges for clients who have turned to food pantries for food assistance.

Volunteers included:  Joe Schmitz (Project Manager ), Richard White (COO), Christine Suggs (Project Manager), Libby De Leon (Sr. Project Engineer), Payson Sprowl (Project Engineer), Gabriel Segura (Estimator), M’Lissa O’Neil (Executive Assistant), and M’Lissa’s daughter, Tryniti.

Thanks to all our Weifield Texas volunteers for your selfless and charitable community service!

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