Kudos to our Texas JD Warehouse crew for being named our Q3-2022 Crew of the Month!

This design-assist project started in January, 2022 with GC partner, K.D.W. Ltd., and is comprised of a new construction 45K sq. ft. freezer warehouse.

According to Matt P., Weifield Texas Project Manager: The crew at JD Warehouse has been inspiring with everyone’s productivity and great attitude. The amount of conduit that this team has installed in a short period of time and the craftmanship of their work is something to be extremely proud of. With his professionalism, Eric B. (Field Supervisor) has been a true leader that his team looks up to; there is no doubt that these guys can overcome any obstacle in their way, finish JD Warehouse strong, and move on to the next one. Thanks to the crew for all your hard work!

Along with Matt and Eric, our crew consists of: Gabriel S. (Estimator), Edwin A. (Apprentice), Miguel B. (Apprentice), Eric F. (Apprentice), Alexis G. (Apprentice), Mauricio G. (RTT), Robert G. (Apprentice), Joshua L. (Apprentice) and Jorge N. (Apprentice).

Outstanding job, JD Warehouse team!

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