Kudos to our Texas Temple Distribution (TEM 1PL) crew for being named our Q42023 Crew of the Quarter!

This project started in March, 2023 with GC partner, Choate Construction, is fast-paced and consists of new construction for a 676,050 sq. ft. water bottle distribution facility for Tanglefoot Properties.

According to Paul M., Weifield Texas Project Manager: “The entire team at Temple Distribution has shown an overwhelming amount of passion and hard work to meet our client’s schedule thus far. Roughly 600,000 sq. ft. that took a lot of walking from one side to another, but this didn’t slow down the efforts, quality, and execution over the project duration. Most projects that have shorter schedule timeframes generate big pushes that either make or break the team, although this team shined through to make all involved proud. Personally, I would like to thank everyone that was a part of this project team and any other Weifield team members that helped to accomplish the final product.”

Along with Paul M., our crew consists of: Brandon S. (Field Supervisor), Gabriel S. (Estimator), Humberto A. (Apprentice), Anthony A. (Apprentice), David B. (RTT), Daniel B. (Apprentice), Chris D. (RTT), Braden F. (Apprentice), Foster J. (RTT), Jose P. (Journeyman), Joseph P. (Apprentice), Luis R. (Apprentice), Roman R. (Apprentice), Ben S. (Apprentice), Isaac T. (Apprentice) and Blake T. (Apprentice).

Great job, Temple Distribution (TEM 1PL) team!

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