On June 23rd, Weifield volunteered at Craig Hospital’s Operation TBI Freedom event in Colorado Springs, Colorado!

Operation TBI Freedom (OTF) serves the entire state of Colorado and offers many valuable services to thos with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) including long-term nonmedical case management services, including crisis management, medical and mental health referrals, employment/education assistance, limited emergency assistance for severe needs and much more. OTF supports many service members from the multiple military installations and military communities throughout the state, including Fort Carson, Peterson AFB, the US Air Force Academy, Buckley AFB, and the Colorado National Guard.

TBI is a serious yet often invisible injury. For those with TBI, the return to a military career or transition into civilian life can be especially difficult. Operation TBI Freedom tailors a unique life plan for each client that promotes optimum independence and productivity – and walks the journey with the veteran through recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration.

There is one other thing worth mentioning that really hit home for the Weifield volunteers. One of the veterans at the event commented that there are times when the military is deployed to a conflict and wonder if any of the civilians back home are even paying attention or if they care. He said that things, like Weifield being there on a Friday, help them realize that there are people back home who care and are here to offer support.

Colby F. (Weifield RM Director of Southern Colorado) gave a short presentation about Weifield to all attendees, explaining why veteran support is one of the four main pillars of our philanthropic giving. Also volunteering from Weifield were Marshall T. (Weifield RM Senior Preconstruction Manager), Jared M. (Weifield RM Project Engineer), Ginny H. (Weifield RM Project Manager), Nate D. (Weifield RM Superintendent) and Marc C. (Weifield RM Foreman).

We were grateful to volunteer for this amazing event to support our amazing veterans!

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