We are excited to recognize our amazing receptionist, Cathy Tarter, as Weifield’s August, 2017 Employee of the Month!

Cathy was nominated by Executive Admin, Jordan Strother, who said the following: “I just wanted to reach out to share with you some things about Cathy that you may not know – things that, in my opinion, make her a perfect fit for our culture here at Weifield. Since the start, she’s been eager to learn, eager to work, and willing to go above and beyond with no expectation of recognition. Cathy uses her lunch breaks to run errands for work – she stocks up on candy for her desk (out of her pocket), she takes mail to our partners, stocks up on greeting cards for the front, and more – little things that may go unnoticed.

When I moved into my new position, I passed along the process of coordinating the distribution of tickets for Frozen @ DCPA, which takes place this month. I recently learned that one employee wasn’t receiving the emails that Cathy was sending out because their email address had changed. Upon realizing that his tickets had been given up, he expressed his disappointment to Cathy. He wanted to take his daughter. Cathy, out of the kindness of her heart, went and purchased two tickets (at face value, approx. $200 total, out of her own pocket) for this employee, and made sure that his seats were right next to the section that Weifield will be sitting in, so that he’d never know the difference. I can almost guarantee that this employee has no idea of the kindness this stranger at the front has shown him. I was told this in confidence, and know that she has no intention of sharing with anyone else.

It’s clear that Cathy’s true character is that of a selfless, giving and caring kind, and that she expects nothing in return. Everyone who walks in those doors is greeted with a warm and genuine welcome, and is always accommodated to her fullest capabilities. Her role here is so much bigger than a voice on the phone or a face at the front – she has set the bar high for customer service and continues to surprise with how much care and attention she puts into everything she does to make sure our employees are happy.

She has an incredible heart and spirit, and I’m blessed to have her in my life, and to have her as a co-worker. I’m grateful to you all for bringing her on at Weifield, as I feel that she has brought so much joy and passion to our company. “

As the winning Employee of the Month, Cathy is being awarded a $100 gift card by Weifield ownership and will be featured on Facebook and in the October “Wired In” newsletter!

Congratulations to Cathy for this well-deserved recognition!

Cathy Tarter

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