The Industrial Division’s Binney Connection project consists of construction of connections to the pre-existing Binney Water Purification Facility that includes: flow monitoring facility, chemical building, chlorine basin, pumping, and related appurtenances in Aurora, Colorado.  We are excited to announce that the Binney Connection team has been selected as Weifield’s October, 2021 CO/WY Crew of the Month!

Led by Daniel C., (Project Manager), and Chris W. (Field Supervisor), Weifield’s Binney Connection team members include: Jesus A., Jean B., William B., Sherman B., Mike B., Jacob D., David E., Hunter F., Dillon F., David M., Julio P., Maxwell S., and Tyshane Y.

Per Daniel: “I can’t say enough good things about the team we have today building the Binney Connection Project. Every single electrician that has stepped foot on my project, has jumped on the ride and worked their tails off to help me succeed on this project.

My leads did an outstanding job wrapping their heads around this project and revitalizing the crew with their contagiously good attitudes and immense knowledge base. The last thing I will say is the communication on this project has been second-to-none. The amount of knowledge Mike B. and I had of this project created a base for trust with the field leadership that resonated all the way down to the 1st year levels – it allowed everyone to ask questions freely and communicate transparently their thoughts and ideas

Congratulations to our outstanding Binney Connection crew for this recognition!

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