Weifield’s Crews of the Month are selected via numerous criteria including safety, quality of work, schedule, teamwork, attendance, meeting financial targets, and formal client feedback/praise. Our East Cherry Creek Valley (ECCV) North & South Booster Pumps Station crew was resilient under challenging and strict timelines, demonstrating top-notch professionalism and determination to provide ECCV Sanitation District the highest quality of work for a 9.0 MGD water supply project from both the North and South pump stations.

Teaming with Glacier Construction (General Contractor), the Weifield ECCV project was estimated by Tyler Spurlin and led by Daniel Cordova (PM), Scott Dick (CM), Jeremy Peterson (South FS) and Rod Chapman (North FS). Pictured left to right are the ECCV team members: David Moore, Curtis Miller, David Estrada, Andrew Martinez, Scott Dick, Jeremy Peterson, Zach Weir, Dustin Coca, Alec Bessler, Daniel Cordova, Mike Butler, Penny Berkeyheiser, and Rod Chapman.

Kudos to our amazing team for your excellence and well-deserved recognition!

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