Weifield’s Purchasing Manager, Arnie T., received an email from a grateful civilian, a lady named Brooke S., who suffered an auto accident outside of our 7000 S. Jordan warehouse facility recently.

Said Brooke: “I got in a car accident right in front of your building a little while ago, and Noah from your warehouse saw it and was such a huge help to me.  He helped me pick up the pieces of my car that were in the street and then changed my tire for me, so that I could drive my car.  He was so nice and very knowledgeable.  I tried to give him cash for helping me, but he wouldn’t take it.  I just wanted you to know what a great employee you have.  It was a nice reminder that there are lots of good people in this world.”

So proud of you, Noah – for your quick response to help someone in need and represent the ‘C’ (Community) in the Weifield PACT!

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