Kudos to Weifield’s 210 Saint Paul team — who has been named Weifield’s October, 2017 Crew of the Month!

This $2.8M project with Saunders Construction (GC), led by Weifield Project Manager, Steve Noyes, and Field Supervisor, Eldar Karokotov — and estimated by Jonathan Ryan — is an electrical and fire alarm design-build for an eight-story mixed use building in Cherry Creek.

Weifield’s crew members include: Matthew Brinlee, Ian Byrne, Jordan Gagnon, Darrian Garcia, Esai Garcia, Izac Garcia, Marcelino Gatica, Michael Gonzales, Dylan Gray, Dan Hartwig, Karl Heilman, Richard Hernandez, Rudy Hernandez, Theo Ibarra, Gilberto Juarez, Eldar Karokotov, Daniel Korzh, Melinda Long, Chris Lopez, Stuart Lowman, Denis Maksimov, Brent Martinez, Heath McGuire, Mark O’Dorisio, Kyle Parker, Jaron Pearson, Matthew Pettinato, Chad Petty, Dimas Ramirez, Bruce Robbins, Jon Rocha, Cole Smith, Arien Sorenson, Brennan Stahl, Trevor St. Michel, Wade Thompson, and James Wright.

Congratulations to our 210 Saint Paul crew for a job well done!

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