Congratulations to Weifield’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Team for being named our January, 2022 Rocky Mountain Crew of the Month!

At Weifield, we ensure everything we model and coordinate can be used in the field for installation – every conduit, every piece of equipment, and every item is modeled the way it is to be built. The use of VDC technology is a key component in our preplanning process as through our models, we are able to identify and solve problems before construction begins. Weifield Group is highly proficient with VDC which has allowed us to accelerate our pace and accurately predict manpower on the job site.

Led by Rob M., (Prefabrication Manager), Weifield’s VDC team members include: Dan A. (VDC Coordinator), Ian B. (VDC Coordinator), Meghan D. (Senior VDC Coordinator), Lena S. (VDC Coordinator), and Mic W. (Senior VDC Coordinator).

Per Rob: “The VDC team is truly the unsung hero of construction. They are first ones in, working with all of the project teams to ensure anything is place before construction even starts. They are a HUGE asset to Weifield and truly deserve to be recognized for the all work they do! Great job and congratulations!”

Kudos to our outstanding VDC crew for this recognition!

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