Congratulations to our Industrial division’s Westminster Semper High Service Pump Station (HSPS) project team for being named Weifield’s June, 2021 Crew of the Month!

This project started in November 2019 with Stanek (GC) and involves pump station improvements to Westminster’s Semper HSPS, the Northwest Water Treatment Facility, and the Reclaimed Water Treatment Facility.

Led by Chris Wedow (Superintendent), Angela Shouey (Project Manager), and Tyler Hadden (Estimator), Westminster Semper HSPS team members include:  Chris B., William B., Sherman B., David E., Hunter F., Dillon F., Alex P. Jr, Julio P., and Maxwell S.

Per Weifield Superintendent, Chris Wedow:  “I am especially proud of the way our crew has become a family; the way the crew looks out for one another and the job itself has been remarkable. This project was one of the most complicated projects of my career in terms of coordination. There are three different water treatment facilities within this project, all roughly five miles apart  and all are currently in use. Having to jump the crew around and set up shutdowns at different sites in a very complicated sequence took its toll on all of us. The great thing, though, is that everyone stepped up when we needed it. We hit every deadline and performed successful start-ups of new and existing equipment on every shutdown. Most of the crew were new to Industrial but listened, learned and performed when needed. The relationships that we built with the City and GC will have a lasting affect on all future endeavors.

It has been great to see the development of our apprentices and journeymen, we have quite a few rising stars on this crew. Also, I cannot stress enough how pivotal my management team was as well. Anytime we needed Angela and Scott they were there. It makes it so much easier knowing the team behind you is amazing at what they do and is always willing to be there when you need them.”

Per Weifield Project Manager, Angela Shouey: “This crew has been been amazing to work with. They’re on top of everything, they work hard, and their workmanship is topnotch. They’ve done so much to further our relationship with the City, and help us build a new relationship with Stanek. Thank you to this incredible crew!”

Kudos to our outstanding crew for this recognition!

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