In mid-May, Weifield was excited to sponsor and participate in the 2019 Colorado Prayer Luncheon at the Colorado Convention Center – where each year, government and business leaders gather – along with the mayor, the governor, and police officials – to celebrate the many ways God is working in our cities and our state!

The keynote speaker for the event was author, Phil Yancy, and attending along with Karla Nugent, Weifield Chief Business Development Officer, and her husband, Jack, were our valued partners and friends: Doug Elenowitz from Raindrop Partners, Marcus Pickworth from Howell Construction, Tim Barr, Liz Munn from Jacobs, Leif Rosenvold from Klok Engineering, Shan Moyers from Rocky Church, Shelby Beddingfield from Weitz Construction, and Lynn Deegan from CBRE.

The Colorado Prayer Luncheon exists to help faith, government and business leaders work together on behalf of people in need – as multi-sector collaboration is the key to changing our communities for the better. When leaders focus on what they have in common instead of their differences, we can do together what we can never do alone! We were honored to be a part of it!

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